Medico-Jobs offers a multitude of benefits for the doctor / nurse and the employer. We want a long term relationship, so we strive to give you a personalized solution to your needs Use the sub-menus on the left to see answers to the most common questions.


FAQ Employers

What does the application file check consist in?

  • Checking the resume;
  • Checking the official documents and the criminal record;
  • Testing the ability to speak the required foreign language;
  • Deep medical skills and abilities in the required speciality;
  • Medico-Jobs will deliver carefully checked candidates, thus minimising the risk of recruitment failure.

How are the services paid to Medico-Jobs?

  • Bank transfer;
  • In 2 stages: 50% of the commission upon labour contract signing and 50% after the candidate passes the trial period.

What happens if the candidate fails the trial period (he/she cannot cope with the new job or the hospital, for various reasons, does not extend the contract after the trial period due to professional incapacity)?

  • The Employer recovers the money IN FULL; on Employer’s request, we can look for another candidate;

What are the rates:

  • Negotiable for each contract;
  • We are interested in building a lasting relationship with the employer, based on trust and reciprocity, for minimum commission rates;

Are the commissions discounted for placement of several doctors in the same Hospital?

  • Yes, they are substantial.

What are the company’s beliefs?

  • We are looking for quality, not quantity;
  • We are looking for a long-term partnership with our collaborators, even if it means lower commissions.
  • For UK: Medico-Jobs adopts the principles of the “Code of Practice for NHS employers involved in the international recruitment of healthcare professionals”

How fast can Medico-Jobs present its offers?

  • Less than 12 hours.

Are you active in the countries of origin of the candidates?

  • Yes.

Do doctors have minimum first aid and CPR skills?

  • Yes. Medico-Jobs offers free first aid and CPR courses for the candidates, medical notions which are essential for any health worker. At the end of the course, the candidate will be subjected to rigorous evaluation to determine the assimilation of knowledge and skills.


If we sign an exclusivity contract with Medico-Jobs, how long does it take to find us a doctor?


  • We guarantee to find a doctor in maximum 1 year.


What is the commission for searching the Candidates?

  • The search is free of charge. You will pay the commission only if you hire the Candidate and if he/she passes the trial period.