Are you a doctor/nurse?

Medico-Jobs sets a new standard in the agency of employment contracts in the medical field, by means of transparency and impeccable professional counselling provided to Employers and Candidates.

The counselling process consists of clear steps designed to facilitate the candidate’s hiring and relocation process:

1. Finding the right job and signing the employment contract:

  • customised counselling from reception of the resume until the first work day;
  • answer in 48 hours from submittal of the resume;
  • detailed presentation of the future job;
  • counselling with regard to assimilation of medical linguistic competences in the foreign language of the country of destination; applicable to the family members as well;
  • counselling in obtaining the official documents required for departure and thereof by a certified translator, according to the laws of the country of destination;
  • checking of documents;
  • counselling in preparation of the interview, recommendation of very convenient hotel and airplane rates via our partners;


2. Adaptation to the new location:

  • filing the documents for medical practitioners and obtaining the work permit;
  • finding a place to stay and detailing moving costs;
  • organising the moving (furniture, transportation, routes, etc.);
  • finding schools or kindergartens, or a babysitter for your children;
  • practical advice about life in the country of destination;
  • finding a job for your partner;


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Medical training and foreign language courses

We try to facilitate the transition to the new job by offering first aid and cardiovascular resuscitation courses, as well as medical French/ English/ German/ etc. courses. We will provide access to our database as soon as the employer shows its intention to recruit you.