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Medico-Jobs sets a new standard of excellence in medical recruitment:

  • Thorough check of candidates. Medico-Jobs presents only candidates who have been professionally, thus minimising the risk of recruitment failure;
  • Low commissions. We focus on building a long-term relation with the employer, based on trust and reciprocity. Our low commission rates are a proof of our intention to maintain a long-term collaboration;
  • Full refund of commission if the employee does not pass the trial period. The commission will be invoiced by instalments – a part upon employment and a part after the candidate confirms his/her skills or after the trial period stipulated in the contract. Thus, in particular cases where either the employer or the employee does not wish to continue the contract after the trial period, the employer can recover the commission in full;
  • You talk with professionals. We respond promptly to your requests. The Medico-Jobs team is 80% made up of doctors of Romanian, Bulgarian and Maghrebian origin working in France, Italy, Germany and Spain, which facilitates the search for human resources and speeds up of bureaucratic processes in countries with pools of medical staff;
  • Quick feedback, less than 12 hours from submittal of request;
  • We are active in the countries of origin of the candidates;
  • Full transparency and objectivity in the relation with the candidates and employers;
  • Checking proficiency in foreign languages. We test the candidate to determine whether the level of linguistic competence meets the employer’s requirements;
  • Checking first aid and CPR skills. Medico-Jobs offers free first aid and CPR courses for the candidates, which are essential for any health worker. At the end of the course, the candidate will be subjected to rigorous evaluation to determine the assimilation of knowledge and skills.


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